Services offered by TK Electric

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General Electrical Service and Repair


Installations include general lighting, ceiling fans, under cabinet recessed lighting, flat panel TV installation, pre wire installation for home theaters and sound systems.

Landscape Lighting

Replace existing worn out landscape fixtures with new ungraded fixtures. Add new fixtures and transformers to accommodate additional lighting.


remodel eletrician

Replace outdated recessed lighting, switches and outlets.

Custom Homes

new home electrician

Customize your new home to meet your specifications.

LED Lighting

Replace incandescent lighting with energy friendly LED lighting. LED bulbs save money as they are efficient and last much longer. They are also friendly to the environment.

Security Lighting

Install security lighting to ensure your house is safe and secure.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Replace outdated panels to conform to the latest standards.

Solar Panels

Upgrade existing electrical service panels to accommodate a solar electrical system.